You can learn a lot about a propane gas company by just looking at their invoice. Back a few years ago when the economy slowed, many companies tried to shift their cost of doing business onto the customer. It was much easier for a customer service rep to have a conversation with disgruntled customers and blame the government. In the process some new terms were created in the propane business.

Early termination fee

This means that if you fire your current provider even due to lack of service or any other reason, they can charge you a fee to stop doing business, often around $150.00.

Fuel Recovery Fee

This is a creative way for saying you are paying for the diesel in their delivery trucks. This may fluctuate with cost of diesel, and can be around $5.00 per delivery and the company has the right to charge more at it’s discretion.

HazMat & Safety Compliance Fee

Charged every time a delivery or service call is made, this fee was dreamed up because it sounds like it’s out of the control of your propane provider and is government mandated. Don’t be fooled. It sounds official, but it’s simply a fee to help pay for their employee training, and costs that they used to build into their price per gallon. Some companies can charge over $10.00 per visit. Cha Ching!

Leak Check Charge

You would think that testing for leaks would be normal and reasonable when new pipes are installed. Nope! That costs extra even though it’s required by law. Huh?

Meter Fee

This is a good one. It’ll can cost you around $12.00 per month for a technician to use his reading skills when servicing your tank. Apparently, the effort for a technician to read the percentage full gauge on your tank has to be paid for by the customer. (in addition to the delivery fee)

Trip Charge

Expect reasonably fast service? If you expect gas within 48 hours, get out your wallet. This exact cost isn’t usually published, so the company can charge you whatever they like depending on how inconvenienced they are.

Will Call Convenience Fee

Many companies in the industry like to visit your tank on a regular schedule and fill it when they want. It sounds great on the surface, but the customer loses the ability to hold their propane deliverer accountable. You may not need fuel, but because your provider earns revenue with all the fees described above, they’re coming anyway. Pay up!

It you don’t want to do business this way and just call them when you need fuel, that luxury can set you back an additional $6.99 or more.

Service Dispatch Charge

So if all these fees get under your skin and you want to change providers, there is one more fee to pay before you can go. It’s the cost of the company to take their own equipment back. That’s around $60.00 or more.

The Ideal Gas Difference

Simply put, we don’t have all of the nickel and dime fees that have given the industry a bad name. We are doing business differently. Don’t believe us? See this actual bill for one of our customers.


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