It’s a sinking feeling when you turn on your stove or wait for hot water and nothing happens. Running out of propane gas is more than an inconvenience, it can be a potential hazard and it should be avoided if possible. Why does it happen?

You waited too long to call
On most tanks there is a fill gauge that indicates the fill level. A quick glance will tell you where you stand. Remember that your tank is never 100 percent filled because room is left for expansion due to changing ambient temperatures. A good rule of thumb is never let your tank get below 25% before you ask for a refill.

Your propane gas company failed you
It is possible your current propane provider (not named Ideal Gas) is to blame. Call it human error or neglect, if they fail to come fill your tank in a timely manner, you could run out. This is why we recommend keeping a reserve, just in case you need to call twice.

You have a leak
You may have gas that is escaping somewhere in the system. It could be coming from a faulty valve, damaged line or from the appliance itself. If you smell gas, vacate the home and open all doors and windows to ventilate. Call your gas provider immediately.

So you’re out of gas, now what?
If you’re out of gas a technician will come and do a leak test by inspecting the entire pressurized system. This includes a visual inspection of the tank and appliances. It’s not the end of the world, if you run out of gas, but in case you do, now you know what to expect.